... creates maps for a wide range of uses including strategic/political/topical issues, educational, travel, guide, non-fiction and fiction books, web sites, presentations, company locations and signage.


... designs and produces maps to meet clients' specific requirements: customised, one-off and tailored to fit a brief.


... using GIS data sets and tools creates maps from written or sketched briefs.


... establishes trust-based relationships with clients which keeps them coming back.  We have a good record of delivery and client satisfaction.


... has clients from all over the world; is used to working with 'virtual' production teams spread across continents, often working with freelance editors,  designers and third party suppliers.


... has extensive editorial, design and creative experience.


... provides consultancy and works with the client to refine the brief and produce the best outcomes.


... is experienced in working with printers and fully understands the publishing workflow.


... with over 40 years of map creation, design and production expertise; all output has been digitally originated since 1989.


... with clients in academic and commercial publishing, government and the public sector, NGOs and international bodies.


Email:  jluff@mapgrafix.com

Call: +44 (0)7743 942727 or

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